Web Design & Entrepreneurship

Give your middle schoolers the opportunity to experience the power of an entrepreneurial world-view while learning how to code their own business website

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Entrepreneurs start here.

Students learn how to create and code their own business websites using HTML and CSS while discovering how to develop an idea about a business or organization they want to start. Students can launch their websites to share their entrepreneurial message with the world and continue working on them anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. 

Build a strong foundation.


Learn the fundamentals of HTML & CSS


Develop an entrepreneurial world-view


Code and launch your own business website


Continue coding your website after class ends

This program includes.


Customized curriculum and projects


A strong foundation in HTML and CSS


A published, accessible business website


Limited edition Early Code t-shirt

Empower the future with Early Code.

Teach the languages and skills of tomorrow

Develop students' logic and thinking skills

Provide new mediums for student expression

Witness students discover new passions

Work with rock-star coding instructors

Get access to our proprietary curriculum

Facilitate hands-on projects and activities

Send projects and tech home with students

Happy kiddos. Happy parents.

After-school programs are extremely beneficial to the social, emotional, and academic growth of our students. Early Code is merging these incredibly important components while helping to spark or fuel our students’ passion for coding and STEM. Other than reading, I can’t think of a better way for our students to spend their free time.”

— Sarah Bobb, 5th grade at Tobias Elementary

These students remind us how much they look forward to the class every week and how much they appreciate being exposed to these ‘tougher to grasp’ concepts. After many lines of code, our students quickly realize that the only limit of their potential is the limit that they set in their own minds.”

— RJ Galvan, Early Code Teacher at KIPP Austin high school

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